Ugly Christmas Sweaters
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Holiday sweaters are always good fun, especially when you get into the crazy phenomenon of ugly Christmas sweater in particular. Why is it we feel compelled to buy and wear there? Or worse, but them as gifts for our loved ones – *gasp*

Honestly, not all Christmas sweaters are ugly and not all holiday sweaters look like a Bedazzler threw up on them, so there is progress being made out there somewhere (Yay for that!)

So, what makes an ugly holiday sweater anyway? Usually there’s some over the top use of shiny thread or scratchy fabric involved, maybe a few giant buttons, and there is definitely a lot of red and green involved.

Of course, ugly isn’t really a requirement anymore – there are plenty of holiday sweaters that are just holiday sweaters but might be referred to as ugly Christmas sweaters just because it’s become sort of a catch all phrase that encompasses any sweater with a holiday theme to it.

Things you might want to avoid on your Christmas or holiday sweater:
– glittery threads and fabrics (no idea why holidays bring out the fake gold in everything)
– anything that requires a battery pack, like blinking holiday lights (you don’t want to match the Christmas tree!)
– anything that has a button to press for sound effects (your sweater should not do your Christmas carol singing for you)
– giant puffy Santa Clause appliques (save the puffy felt for the stocking decorations)

Whatever you decide to wear this holiday season, enjoy it, love it, and stay warm in it!

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