Making Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Even Uglier
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When it comes to the ugly Christmas sweater, the uglier the better, especially if you are attending a party that is likely to have a contest and you are eying the top position. There are sweaters that are not all that bad looking and if you buy one and you feel it needs some changes, then there are simple changes you can handle yourself to make it even uglier.

To have a unique ugly sweater, you can actually find a plain sweater and do the decorations on your own to come up with a masterpiece that won’t be found anywhere else. Whatever the path you choose, here are helpful tips that will make that sweater turn heads because of its ugliness.

1. Cut out varying holiday shapes by tracing felt and using small stencils. You can cut out letter if you want to spell out something on the sweater to make a statement that’s in line with the event. You can be as creative as you want to be with your cut outs.

2. Add a creative gold bead necklace. It is versatile and you will love the additional feature on your sweater around the neckline and you can even add a fringe or trim a tree to complete the look. A good idea is to out your glue first on the sweater and then placing your gold beads down on it and allowing enough drying time.

2. Use any extra Christmas decoration you have on the sweater. You can use bows to the sweater to make it even tackier and not just on the front part of the sweater but also at the back. Ribbons can be good for writing words or for use as embellishments on the sweater. You go overboard and hang glue some small bells and ornaments are usually expected on the Christmas tree.

3. Personalize your sweater by adding a funny photo on it. It could be of you or friends and you can complete it with painted text or cut out letters to creatively add your text.

4. Sew tacky Christmas themed items onto your ugly Christmas sweater to make it stand out. You can use anything from a stuffed reindeer, stocking wreath or a Santa hat. When adding the items remember that the size can determine the end result with bigger items filling up most of the space. The secret is to select items that won’t weigh your sweater down.

5. Add collars or shoulder pads onto the sweater. A turtleneck that is in a different color from the sweater can be a great addition on your ugly Christmas sweater. An easy way of adding a collar is to cut it out from old shirts before sewing it on or simply wear a collared garment under the sweater.

6. Use different accessories to complete the ugly Christmas sweater look. You can throw in Christmas themed earrings, goofy glasses, socks, mittens, plaid pants, hats, scarves and other pieces that are appropriate.

There are so many ugly Christmas sweater options available, but you can still play around with your sweater to achieve a unique look. By adding a few features onto it to you achieve and even uglier look.

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