How To Dress Up For An Ugly Sweater Party In Style
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We all have them. Those brightly colored Christmas sweaters buried in the back of the closet somehow creep towards the front and out the door. Decorated heavily in holiday patterns, Christmas trees, ornaments, snowmen, and reindeer, these sweaters have a reputation of being unstylish, gaudy and made for hipsters. There are ways to wear these sweaters fashionably, however. Here are some ways to stylize the ugly Christmas sweater for your holiday get togethers!

First, stay away from sweatshirts, vests, and anything that isn’t knitted. These are far away from the frivlous and cheeky spirit that knits have. Luckily, these types of sweaters come in many colors, patterns and styles. Next, make sure the sweater fits you well. For these to look good, they have to look like they were made for you. Depending on your taste, you can go as tacky as you like or stay muted and subdued. Let’s start with tacky.

For example, a black sweater with a gigantic reindeer head splashed over the front with the antlers stretching out the arms and a big red nose in the middle may not sound like a chic piece of clothing. But with a few tweaks, you can make it your own. Wear it with black leggings or skinny jeans and high black boots. Find a solid scarf to wrap around your neck. We recommend solid because the wild pattern is already enough that it is all you need. This can actually work with any kind of crazy sweater. If you want more style, try these combinations:

  1. A blue sweater covered in snowflakes and snowmen paired over a short black and white striped skirt, black tights and high heeled boots.
  2. A red and white candy cane striped sweater with a Christmas tree on the front over white jeans, fluffy fur boots and a cute cloche cap.
  3. A vintage multi-patterned cardigan in several colors worn over a white tank top, jeans, high heels, and accessorized with a chain collar necklace and jeweled earrings.
  4. A bright green knit covered in holly berries and leaves will have more of an edge if worn with a black sequined skirt, black stockings and glittering black heels. Finish with a red sequined clutch for a dressy look, or a red leather handbag for a more casual outfit.

The holidays are a fun time to experiment with fashion. Go wild and go crazy! Have a little fun! How would you style a holiday sweater?

Nice fashion accessories such as evening bags and clutches can make an ugly sweater look stylish.

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